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Is it spam or ...?

Yes, it is so appropriate that I make this most significant announcement here first. A few weeks ago I received an email from an unfamiliar address. Like so many web users these days, I too get my share of "spam." I usually just delete anything that originates from an unfamiliar email address. To say that I get solicitations is an understatement... TheRandomTimes - The Book by Lorenzo Gigliotti according to the subject lines of the various emails, I am in need of dietary supplements to "restore hair," "achieve weight reduction," "reduce stress," "improve stamina" and last but not least, to "improve the quality of life" for my significant other... I never realized that I was so deficient in so many ways and in need of a "new boost of confidence" as well... Then there's the Nigerian "diplomat" that keeps trying to entice me into becoming his "business partner..." Anyway, one email that caught my eye had nothing in the subject line, but it came from a well known publishing house. I deleted the others, but I opened the publisher's email, expecting something misleading or some disguised solicitation for Canadian medication. Instead what I found was a rather encouraging email concerning my writing and an interest by said company in publishing my material!

After all everyone who's "anyone" is publishing these days... or is that anyone who is everyone...?

M O N E Y! I thought this is great; I'm going to be published and make a truckload of money. After all everyone who's "anyone" is publishing these days. Just about every journalist or commentator has a book out, as do many celebrities. Celebrities certainly have a great deal of knowledge to impart to us. Why they're celebrities and they know stuff too -- really, really important stuff! Just about everyone in Hollywood has written a book or two or maybe even three. Oh and don't forget the politicians. They too have a great deal of wisdom to share with us. Then of course there are the less well known -- the less well known write about stuff too. Seems that everyone has a story to share. The number of books being released these days is staggering... and they say that Americans don't read... It seems that if you don't have a book in the works then you must be a "nobody..." Even a nobody doesn't want to be a "nobody."

..."idiot who can click a keyboard" and boom I came up "NUMBER ONE"...

That being said it brings this story back to me. I sent a reply to the well-known publishing company's representative and asked for further information concerning their interest in my writings. The amazing part of this story is that I never solicited them. They found me. Like so many other Internet users, they found through Google! Google is GREAT! I believe they looked up the words "idiot who can click a keyboard" and boom I came up "NUMBER ONE" - "numero uno" - "el primero" - "nr. ein" - "ichi gou?" Actually I think they looked up -- art science faith and quantum stuff. Either way they ended up at and the quixotic writer they found turned out to be exactly what they were looking for -- a guy with a huge ego, an abundance of hot air, a bunch of questions that no one can really answer and of course is also a "shameless self-promoter." Yes, I fit the bill and more.

When is it coming out?

Hmmm... Please understand that right now, I am not at liberty to say when it will be finished or when it will be released. Nor am I able to identify the publishing house... But I thought that I would announce the event here first.

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